The Independent Management School for Independent Bar & Restaurant Businesses

At Watershed we are proud to work alongside some of the very best independent bar & restaurant companies in London and the UK. Together we develop their managers to enable these businesses to achieve exceptional rates of promotion from within.

We run open programmes on management and personal effectiveness.

  • “The Badge” – for new front of house managers:  a two-day programme scheduled two days over two weeks. These run quarterly and cost £395.00 + VAT
  • “Good to Great” – for experienced managers: a five-day programme scheduled five days over five weeks. These run every other month and cost £845.00 + VAT
  • “Building Strong Brigades” for head chefs and chefs with management potential:  a three-day programme scheduled three days over three weeks. These run every month and cost £575.00 + VAT
  • A programme for multi-site managers and restaurant company entrepreneurs: a five-day programme scheduled five days over five weeks.These run three times a year and cost £1450.00 + VAT

And we work in-house designing and delivering programmes to suit you.

Coming up soon:

  • The Director as Coach - 26 April 2019

    With Stephen Waters and Tony Betts
    A full day workshop

    Leaders who build relationships with their restaurant teams through a coaching approach, build long-lasting, powerful relationships.

    When a manager commits to coaching everyone benefits:
    • Coachees get new skills and new approaches to their work.
    • The coach benefits too: coaching helps us see relationships beyond the obvious and develops our ability to create a vision and a common language, which inspires and motivates.