Covid e-workshops and recordings

If the event has passed, there may be a video recording available  – see below..


Managing Performance: The Manager as Coach

May 19 11-1230 – recording available Password: 4X@=#n1c 


Managers who build relationships with their teams through a coaching approach, build long-lasting, powerful relationships. On this 90-minute workshop we will introduce:

  • The three skills coaches bring to their work
  • A useful framework for coaching conversations
  • How coaching can help us create a vision and common language which inspires and motivates





Managing Performance: Giving Feedback

May 22 11-1230 – recording available

Getting results from your team involves high quality feedback.

In this session

  • what high quality feedback looks like.
  • what can make this difficult.
  • building a performance management style of your own.

Giving our teams clear information on their performance is the most essential skill for a manager at any level. We’ve learned that most managers know this, but our relationship with giving feedback is personal: For some of us feedback is a process which has been used against us in the past, so we avoid it.  For others feedback is a process which can damage our relationship with people we care about, so we avoid it.

Feedback is none of these things: it is about closing the gap between performance and potential. We offer it skilfully and authentically to people we care about. In this workshop we will explore how authentic leaders respect what is known about good process, including:

  • Being specific
  • Being adult/adult, rather than ‘parent’ to ‘child’, or ‘child’ to ‘parent’
  • Feedback reinforces wanted behaviour, criticism describes the unwanted person
  • Handling problem performers and high performers
  • Being real: avoiding technique



Manage Yourself

Open event

May 26 11-1230

90 minutes introducing some useful techniques for getting the best from ourselves each shift.

  • How to ‘stop’ time
  • How to quickly access useful emotional states at short notice
  • How to bust unwanted beliefs which may be holding you back in life and work


Setting Team Direction

Open event

May 27 11-1230


How people behave in groups is complex, and most leaders know much less about getting the best out of teams than they do about managing individuals. In this 90-minute workshop we explore:

  • Personality, groupthink, manners, tribalism and lack of focus –five factors which create mediocrity in teams.
  • Teamwork, why bother? Most organisations would agree that teamwork is a good thing. Fewer know where and how teamwork adds value. 3 ways teamwork contributes to high performance.
  • The key conditions for effective teamwork to emerge, and  common issues that hold teams back
  • Stepping into the role of team leader.  How authoritarian and democratic leaders can enhance their styles to create a superior ‘achievement-led’ style.



Being a Role Model

Open event

May 28 11-1230


We will explore together the 8 characteristics of a role model as described by Julie Phillips

  • Willingness to be misunderstood
  • Show your flaws
  • Act with integrity
  • Handle success better than failure
  • Purpose and perseverance
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Willingness to help people who can’t help back
  • Positive energy and ambition