3 days over 3 weeks: BUILDING STRONG BRIGADES

  • Price: £525.00
  • Frequency: Six times a year

Three days over three weeks
£525.00 +VAT


In addition to culinary expertise, head chefs need to be able to build strong teams: they must:

  1. Use their time constructively
  2. Know their brigade’s development needs and set workable objectives for their brigade
  3. Negotiate and resolve disagreements
  4. Give adult-to-adult feedback and handle performance conversations.
  5. Liaise effectively with other departments in the restaurant

Only a competent head chef can create this team – and we help develop these skills.


Day 1 – ‘Decentralized’ leadership– We introduce the concept and explore the idea that a brigade with diffuse leadership works more smoothly, achieves more and retains its’ chefs longer.

Day 2 – ‘Decentralized’ leadership and me: – As humans, we can be calm and rational or intuitive and spontaneous – we have a range of responses available to us.  How we manage performance and get results from others is largely determined by our thinking styles.  Via the Herrmann Brain Dominance Inventory, we explore these different types of thinking in detail, showing how all these ways of thinking have their place in determining how create our teams of decentralized leaders.

Day 3 – The Head Chef as Coach– How to build long-lasting relationships with your brigades via a coaching approach to leadership – an introduction to the principles of coaching – powerful coaching conversational frameworks – coaching skills – setting goals in coaching – creating positive action for change and development


January 2019 Programme

Friday 18 January

Friday 25 January

Friday 1 February


March 2019 Programme

Tuesday 26 March

Tuesday 2 April

Tuesday 9 April


May 2019 Programme

Tuesday 21 May

Tuesday 28 May

Tuesday 4 June