2 days over 2 weeks: HEAD CHEFS

  • Price: £345.00
  • Frequency: Six times a year

Two days over two weeks
£345.00 +VAT

What we know about our audience, chefs:

• Can guard their territory
• Good people – keen to develop others given the skills
• High pressure job – Responsible for production up to £10,000 of food per shift
• Night after night
• Their brigades work hard for them
• Most would like to double their retention rate
• Critical to have a teacher they respect

The workshop focuses on five key leadership skills for chefs:

1. The confidence to give other Chefs in the brigade information about how they are performing.
2. Identifying and developing potential in the brigade to build loyalty, improve retention and keep labour costs tight.
3. Recognising how our leadership style impacts on the brigade and how it can sometimes work against us.
4. Communicating your needs outside of the kitchen.
5. Getting more from yourself – how to be yourself more, with skill.

The event is designed for Head Chefs and Sous Chefs

February 2018
Tuesday 13 February
Tuesday 20 February

March 2018
Tuesday 27 March
Tuesday 3 April