5 days over 5 weeks: GOOD TO GREAT

  • Price: £745.00 + VAT
  • Frequency: Monthly

A five-day open programme for experienced managers


Whilst a good manager will save you on costs and keep your customers coming back through good shift organisation, it takes a good leader to do this on a longer-term basis.

This is more about creating a culture of understanding through implementing your strategic plan in an acceptable way. People need to understand why they’re doing what they’re doing and good leaders have the skills to do this.

In addition to restaurant expertise, general managers need to be able to

  • Work at becoming self-sufficient and to empower those qualities in others
  • Work with elevated levels of self-understanding
  • Apply a range of decision-making styles to the challenges they face in their daily work.
  • Enable a strategic ‘whole-system’ approach to managing teams
  • Coach and mentor their shift managers and department heads to be better leaders themselves
  • Run effective, short meetings,
  • Set workable, challenging objectives for self and others
  • Give adult to adult feedback and handle performance conversations
  • Use their time constructively

Only a competent general manager can create this team.

We define a competent general manager as one with:-

  • Sound professional skills. A focus on professional integrity and the need to get it right.
  • Good social skills. To remain socially astute and alert.
  • Self-esteem / roundedness. The individual should be stable, emotionally objective and have a good personal morale and mental well-being.
  • A team orientation that is genuine and balanced. Restaurants do not want managers who are loners.
  • Measured decision-making. The manager is expected to be objective and to stand back emotionally from events.
  • A structured operating style. The manager should be reasonably focused on systems, structures and on accepting conventional hospitality practice
  • Proactivity / independence. Whilst accepting of sound conventional practice, today’s restaurant manager is expected within this to apply initiative and to capitalize on a good idea.
  • Focused flexibility. This is the quality of balancing realism in response to on-going situations together with an open-ness for change.

And we help create this manager.


2018 Dates

January 2018
Wednesday 17 January
Wednesday 24 January
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January 2018 – long distance option
Tuesday 23 January
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March 2018
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Wednesday 4 April

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