• Price: £345.00
  • Frequency: Every four months

Managing Busy: Managing Yourself
A full-day workshop
With Stephen Waters and Tim Cox
11 January 2018

How to get More Done…
• The assumptions that slip into our thinking when we look at a list
• “Batching”
• “Parking” – Leaving stuff out of mind so to concentrate on the task
• The relationship between the thinking part of the brain and the emergency response function, and how this affects you at work.
• Different individuals ability to deal with stress
• How to make the “why” intrinsic rather than extrinsic
• Working alone / in company
• Turning a problem focus into an outcome focus
• The mind-body loop
• The role of mental rehearsal – envisaging doing a good job of it
• What ‘no’ has got to do with it
• 12 self awareness exercises that fuel success
• Mind-set