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A full-day workshop
With Stephen Waters and Nick Thistleton
22 February 2018

Before the session participants complete three detailed psychometric instruments:
• The Hogan Personality Inventory, which measures their: ‘bright-side’ personality – how they present to others when at their best,
• The Hogan Development Survey which measures de-railers at work, and
• The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory which describes core values, goals, and interests.
The Hogan Personality Inventory uses seven primary scales to describe the individual’s performance in the workplace, including how they manage stress, interact with others, approach work tasks, and solve problems. The report notes strengths as well as areas for improvement and provides discussion points for developmental feedback.
The Hogan Development Survey identifies behavioral tendencies that emerge when a person is stressed, bored, or fatigued. The average person has three or four high-risk HDS scores. This report builds self-awareness by highlighting behavioral tendencies of which participants may be unaware.
The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory describes peoples’ core values, goals, and interests. People use their values to make decisions, but they rarely analyze their values and often make decisions for reasons they do not fully understand. Becoming aware of their values should improve their decision-making.