2 days over 2 weeks: THE BADGE

  • Price: £345.00 + VAT
  • Frequency: A two-day programme for recently promoted managers (and sous chefs) (Ten courses a year)

Two days over two weeks
£345.00 +VAT

A purpose-designed intensive two-day programme in which supervisors and team leaders can develop the skills needed to fulfill their vital management roles in the restaurant.

Course Principles
• Whilst self-awareness is important in every area of life, it is essential when dealing with professional relationships.
• How did we become the leader we are today? What might we change?
• Feedback is an essential ingredient if performance is to be maintained – and improved.

Themes to the programme
• How people respond to you. What they infer about the kind of person you are.
• Some practical tips on areas where managers tend to run into trouble.
• Some guidelines on managing colleagues who are also friends.
• Habits of effective restaurant and bar managers.
• Giving and receiving feedback– taking the initiative to give others feedback about their performance – without causing damage or being seen to use techniques
• The importance of connecting with the individualism of the people you manage.
• How to influence others positively, authentically and maintain good relationships.

2018 Dates

Friday 16 February
Friday 23 February

March 2018
Thursday 15 March
Thursday 22 March

May 2018
Thursday 3 May
Thursday 10 May

June 2018
Thursday 21 June
Thursday 28 June

July 2018
Thursday 19 July
Thursday 2 August

September 2018
Thursday 13 September
Thursday 20 September

October 2018
Thursday 18 October
Thursday 25 October

November 2018
Thursday 22 November
Thursday 29 November